now the eyes can see what the ears can hear

Cymatic Designs

new project 2018

This upcoming collection is based on our senses. Derived from the passion for music and the elusiveness of sound. To make an inseparable link between what we hear and what we see.

This project can be divided into two simple questions: what is sound and what is light?
Sound is a wave and so is light. Sound expresses itself in frequencies en light in a part of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Without light there is no life so sounds converted to visible art bringing music to life.

The scientific perception of art.

Vibrational Phenomena

A self-built chladni plate is used to establish this concept, originally invented by Ernst Chladni in the 18th century. The metal plate is covered with sand or salt and connected to a speaker.  This technique shows the various modes of vibration to make sound visible. The science behind visualizing audio frequencies is called cymatics.

Sound Shaping

The beautiful symmetrical patterns that form on the plate are the base for an applied art collection including bags, accessories and art-works. Not only using one individual note/frequency, but combining different ones to make interesting designs. This way you can see a chord or melody. Composing both shapes and sounds so that they come together perfectly for the best result.


Art-work B3-B4-G4

Acrylics with fabric and mirroring effect.

Crossbody bag F4-D3-A#5


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