Anna Alida Racz creates unique illustrative designs which she applies to her handcrafted bags and accessories. In addition, these designs also come to life in interesting Art-works with the use of mixed-media. 

Her products are more than just a bag or accessory. In a sense it i a piece of wearable art that carries a feeling and tells a story. Different cultures, mother nature, elusive phenomena and science all have become muses for Anna’s work, which allows her to distinguish herself from others. 

The passion for creating grew in her childhood, where she was raised with music and art. At the age of 4 she already knew she wanted to become an artist and organized an exhibition for her family in the backroom of her grandparents house. When she was 8 years old the sewing machine got her interest as well, and so illustration, design and craft all came together. 

She would like to see and help create a future where the combination of craft and art can get a place within this fast-paced society, which increasingly tends to be quantity over quality. By using durable types of leather and solid African wax fabrics Anna makes a statement against the fast fashion industry. All of her products are exclusive and one of a kind. 

Awards and prizes: 

In 2015 she won first prize for the ‘bag to the future’ design competition from ‘stichting Hester van Eeghen’.


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